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LiveDuel is a powerful platform to engage your fans live, inside your own apps with our SDK or on Twitch with our free extension

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Meet the Perfect Way To Involve Your Fans

Engage your fans by involving them and making them a part of the action.

Engage fans around the world

LiveDuel is a platform for the sports industry to engage fans in live streams with interactive quiz shows. Try it for free.

  • Interactive

    Allow fans to participate in real time in interactive quiz shows

  • Live Chat

    Allow fans to chat with one another and contribute to the stream with live chat

  • Leaderboards

    Allow fans to compete against one another with leaderboards

  • Free

    Use our Twitch extension to engage fans for free on a growing platform

  • Own your Data

    Use our SDK to integrate LiveDuel into your own apps and own the data

  • Sponsor integration

    Integrate your sponsors into the live show to enable fan activation

Choose your pricing plan

Twitch Extension

Perfect for building a Twitch following
Per Show

SDK Access

For small teams

Custom SDK

For huge teams
✓ Twitch Based
✓ iOS & Android
✓ iOS, Android & Web
CRM Export
✓ Twitch Username
✓ Email
✓ Email & Phone
Stream Minutes
✓ Free on Twitch
✓ 10,000 Minutes
✓ 100,000 Minutes

Interactivity and competition

Together at last so you can engage with fans in a meaningful way

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