Welcome to the Future

LiveDuel is bringing the blockchain to fan engagement.

Building the future of fan engagement

  • Gamification

    Fans compete in games and competitions based on the sports & esports they love
  • Multiple game formats

    Fans choose which game formats they love most, trivia, predicitonm fantasy etc.
  • Real Time

    Fans interact and compete in real time against one another
  • Live Streaming

    Fans consume the live action while competiting in their own games
  • NFT's

    Fans can earn and win NFT's for competing and winning their games
  • Stats

    Fans have on demand stats that they can view while watching the live action
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    Built using Bepro.network

    LiveDuel was succesful in its grant application to BEPRO and will use their technology to help us build the future of fan engagement

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